Job Description for Test Technician 

     •   Extensive Travel Time (90%)
     •   Work in areas of Electrical High Voltage
     •   Basic lab data interpretation
     •   Transformer Testing with DOBLE and Megger equipment (Insulation Power Factor, Insulation                Resistance, Transformer Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis          (SFRA) & Current Transformer (CT) testing.
     •   Written Reports with excel and word perfect

  •  Knowledge of transformer test procedures and lab data interpretation
  •  Must have a clean driving record and insurable
  •  Strong work ethic and commitment to safety
  •  Organized, Detail Oriented and Accountable
  •  Excellent customer service and problem solving skills
  •  Have the ability to create a favorable impression for the company to all internal/external customers
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Send resume to: kimueda@mstrans.net